James (Jamie) Watts, a native Texan, studied music at Belmont University in Nashville, TN with continuing studies of music production and sound synthesis at Collin College in Denton, TX.  In 2015 he graduated the acclaimed Randy Potter School of Piano Technology with highest honors.  He is now a registered piano technician (RPT) of the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) in the SEPA Chapter.  
Serving his local community in Philadelphia, he continues to participate in regional PTG meetings and conventions and is always striving to grow his skills and unravel the deeper mysteries about the piano.

Jamie has a heavy focus on audio recording technology and music production, and has composed over 33 separate albums and EPs as well as toured his music live all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Germany.  He continues to compose music and share it with the world.

Of course it all comes back to sound.  The juxtaposition of audio engineering and piano technology requires an innate sense of delicate precision.  He’s content putting the piano under both microscope and microphone and wishes to provide this level of attention to his clients so they can enjoy the best possible sound from their pianos.

When he’s not tweaking capstan screws, bending backchecks, or traveling hammer shanks, Jamie can be found backpacking deep in remote wildernesses like The Canyonlands, Loyalsock, and Monongahela.  He is also an avid gardener and has been known to tend hundreds of succulents under his indoor LED-powered “grow-cove”.

Lumaria Blakeney

My job as the scheduler for Quality Piano Service began in 2007 after thirty two years as an educator with the Philadelphia School District. When I began, we used a lot of paper and pencil, reminder cards and At A Glance calendars.  Now, the program of choice is Gazelle, which allows us to connect electronically with our clients and is a much more efficient way to provide quality service.

Over the years I have become very conversant about some of the technical aspects of the piano and have enjoyed many conversations about music in general as I attempt to personalize the scheduling process.  As an adult I have continued to take piano lessons and thus,  I understand the importance of having a well maintained instrument.

When I am not at the computer arranging service calls, I enjoy reading and knitting.  I have created some very striking quilts as I attempt to become a master quilter. Among the activities that bring me the greatest joy are attending theater productions and my church work.  My home is alive and vibrant with many plants and the summertime finds me tending to a beautifully arranged window box.

Thus, the work as scheduler for Quality Piano Service fits very nicely into  the niche I have carved out to continue to be engaged and connected.